Desert Realty San Felipe

Finding properties for you to look at will be easier if you let us know exactly how many bedrooms you want.

Being preapproved for a loan will make it easier to beat someone else to the home you want.

You can find homes in town in San Felipe that have been newly renovated and are in great shape.

Living near a military base is great if you are in the military and need to be close to work.

There are many homes on golf courses to choose from in and near our town.

If you want a furnished home, we will look for one for you.

Anyone who has a boat will be happy to know that you can live near some of the best fishing in the world.

Mobile homes can be found in some areas of town, so let us know if you are looking for a mobile home.

We can answer your phone from 9 to 5 and give you email message service if you need it.

Buying a property for rental is a good idea and it can help with retirement income.

Having your choice of a interior office or an office with a view can depend on the client you need to impress that day.

Purchasing rental property near the water is very smart, if you want to rent to people who fish.

Retiring in San Felipe gives you the opportunity to slow down and enjoy life.

If you are coming from the United States and looking at homes in San Felipe, you might be surprised to find there is no air conditioning.

Some people prefer to live in apartments or condos, while others want a home with a big yard.

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